16 February 2018 (Friday) - Anti-Kp(a)

Here’s an interesting case…. Patient presented in A&E with a G.I. bleed. The patient’s address was three hundred miles away so obviously we had no history.

Positive in cells 2, 6 and 7… a familiar pattern. Anti-K. But what’s that in cell 8? Looks like an anti-Kp(a) as well. I did the three cell screen which had a cell positive for Kp(a) but negative for K, so… anti-K and anti-Kp(a).

I know a bit about anti-K, but anti-Kp(a)? I did a little reading-up. Here’s one article on the matter. There were several others…

16 February 2018 (Friday) - Mono-maturation

This appeared on Facebook today… Nothing particularly earth-shattering, but a useful little picture…

16 February 2018 (Friday) - Oncologist Newsletter

The Oncologist email came today. You can see it by clicking here. As always there are all sorts of interesting snippets, but as always pretty much all of the information is more clinical than technical in nature.