27 April 2018 (Friday) - Lymph... Mono... ?

A rather interesting discussion in the Facebook “Hematology Interest group”:

My apologies if this is a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for distinguishing between reactive lymphocytes and monocytes?

I have 7 images here, and colour coded the respective WBC with what I think it is on the images - but I'm still just not sure if it is right. I've searched online and also textbooks, but still struggle to be certain if it really is a reactive or just a monocyte (the cytoplasm colour and chromatin pattern generally looks the same to me).

If anyone could help (and confirm my guesses), that would be much appreciated!

An interesting article… I think most people would struggle with this topic…

27 April 2018 (Friday) - Artificial Blood ?

Artificially created red cells… specifically designed with very few (if any) antigenic sites… It would certainly make for much safer blood transfusions if it were possible.

It might just be according to this paper.

Mind you I was told (on my first week in the job) that artificial blood was only a year or so away, and realistically my retirement will come first.
However it is still an intriguing prospect.

27 Apil 2018 (Friday) - NHSBT Update

This morning I received the monthly update from NHSBT. Some interesting little snippets – nothing earth-shattering, but actually useful for day-to-day working in a blood bank.
I don’t think I’ve seen one of these updates for a while… I wonder why that is?